Company Profile

Kaide Real Estate was established by Frank Zhao in 2018 with one simple goal in mind – to provide the most professional real estate service in South Australia. Kaide’s strongly believes in achieving great results through delivering superb service and exceeding expectations.

Kaide’s Mission & Values

At Kaide, our mission is centred on our values. It is something that our team believes in and is proud of. Our values are our inspiration to continuously grow, innovate and lead.


Kaide aspires to be your trusted partner in the your property purchase/sales journey by delivering professional expertise and continuous innovation.


We strive to understand and care about you and your property needs and goals

we love what we do.

We pursue growth and always aim to be better than what we were yesterday and exceed your expectations because

we love what we do.

We deliver exceptional service and collaborate for success to achieve the best results for you because

we love what we do.